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Breweries, bakeries and brides: Where Italy invested its EU billions

Breweries, bakeries and brides: Where Italy invested its EU billions

Bridal dress manufacturers had been among the astonishing recipients of EU funds that are structural. Office of Public Affairs/Flickr

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The EU promised the south of Italy billions to advertise research and innovation, but, as EURACTIV Germany states, the income had been allocated to some strange tasks…

What execute a wear that is bridal in Puglia, Fiat, mobile provider Telecom and a Calabrian cinema all have as a common factor? The solution is fairly easy: EU funding support that is structural.

Between 2007 and 2013, Brussels pumped around Ђ6 billion to the south of Italy, cash which was designed to support “research and innovation tasks when you look at the four parts of Puglia, Calabria, Sicily and Campania”, therefore as promote “social and financial development”.

Around Ђ300,000, plus an additional Ђ100,000 of income from Rome, had been supplied to your Calabrian city of Marzi, into the toe of Italy. The settlement that is small the hometown of award winning cinematographer Mauro Fiore, whom took house the Oscar this year for their focus on the immensely successful movie Avatar.

To capitalise from the success of these many son that is famous Marzi proposed to create a centre for cinematography and filmography. The funds arrived, nevertheless the social centre, 2 yrs past russian brides login its proposed construction date, continues to be maybe perhaps not completed.

However it is not merely a concern of as soon as the building will undoubtedly be finished, more basically, it’s a concern of whether Marzi would really gain economically from the centre.

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