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CBD Pricing Guide

CBD Pricing Guide

At SONA CBD we have been proud to provide Oregon that is superior Sun-Grown services and products at a high price that you could pay for

Price evaluations of CBD services and products available in the marketplace could be confusing, making customers uncertain they seek if they are receiving the best pricing for the products. We at SONA CBD genuinely believe that “all” need use of CBD and there’s NO FACTOR to extort our customers that are loyal. That’s the reason we have been clear in educating how exactly to assess CBD Product Prices.

Item Cost + Shipping = Total CostTotal CBD that is cost/Total Content cost per milligram

Example: SONA CBD 500 MG Tincture $39.99 + 6.99 delivery = $46.98$46.98/500 MG = $0.09 per MG of CBD

At SONA CBD we’re proud to provide superior Oregon Sun-Grown CBD services and products at a cost that you could pay for so that you can satisfy our Single Mission: WE WISH ONE TO FEEL cbd mean MUCH BETTER!

Key elements to keep in mind

CBD Content

Never forget to find the sum total milligrams of CBD content. Regrettably, some organizations purposely mislead consumers with hemp oil products which have no CBD.

Third-party Testing

It is an absolute must for any reputable CBD business. Make sure you review their lab outcomes (COA) to ensure the presence of CBD plus the lack of THC and pesticides. Continue Reading

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