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A historic first in Montreal for women foreign ministers and activists

A historic first in Montreal for women foreign ministers and activists

During the very very first formal ladies Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Canada supplied a window for activists to contour a few ideas in what a feminist international policy should seem like. Those current tell OpenCanada exactly exactly just what they’ll be viewing for through the ministers during the UN General Assembly and moving forward.

Senior Editor,

The Queen Elizabeth resort in downtown Montreal has seen its share that is fair of site site visitors since its opening into the 1950s. Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev while the eponymous queen by herself have got all graced its halls, plus in 1969 it reached worldwide fame with John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “bed-in for peace.”

On Friday, September 21, the Queen Elizabeth hosted another historic occasion: the very first official conference of females going their countries’ worldwide affairs. Sixteen ladies foreign ministers, including Canada’s Chrystia Freeland and also the European Union’s Federica Mogherini, the gathering’s co-hosts, had been in attendance over 2 days.

That night, 1 by 1, in bold, bright tints, patterned scarves and skirts, and declaration necklaces, the females ministers — some the very first ladies to be appointed to your part within their country — filed onto a riser for a family group picture quite unlike some other before it. Whilst the digital cameras flashed, the ministers beamed.

“One with Minister Kono!” a lady shouted through the part regarding the phase. The ministers cheered and clapped, as his or her Japanese counterpart — the actual only real male, in a pink tie and pocket square — joined up with them on phase for the 2nd shot. Continue Reading

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